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예쁘고 바르게

코너스톤 프리스쿨 팔로 알토의 새이름 KEEUM

저는, 조그만 간판을 문앞에 걸고 아이들의 실내화를 준비하며 부모님 싸인업 서류를 가지런히 놓는 일을 7년째 하고 있습니다. 그리고 이제, 몇 달 후 여름이 오기 전에는 저희가 2016년 9월부터 준비 해 온 새로운 장소에서 아이들을 맞이 하게 될 것입니다.

코너스톤 프리 스쿨 팔로 알토의 새 학교인 키움 크리스찬  아카데미는, 18개월에서 5살 까지 ( Kindergarten 가기 전) 아이들을 위한 Toddler & Preschool Program과 Childcare Service 를 제공하는 Full Day Childcare Center 입니다.

키움의 아이들은, 

한글과 예의 바른 한국어, 한국의 아름다운 정서, 자랑스러운 한국 문화의 전통과 뿌리를 배우며 미국 Preschool Curriculum 을 Weekly Theme,  Monthly Theme 으로 교육 받게 됩니다.

키움은 아이들의 마음을 존중하는 좋은 선생님들이 사랑과 믿음으로  돌봐 주는 학령전 아이들에게 따뜻한 학교가 될것입니다.저희는 아이들이 매일 학교를 기대하고 즐거움 속에서 예쁘고 바르게 자라도록 노력하겠습니다. 

키움을 상징하는 구름은, 

아이들에게 눈부신 해를 가려 주는 조용한 배려와 목마른 땅에 단비를 선물하는 기쁨을 배우고 세상에 나눌 수 있게 키우고 싶은 저희의 뜻이 담겨 있습니다.

아울러 여러 모양의 구름이 모여 조화롭고 신비한 형상으로 잘 어우러지는 것 같이 교사는 아이들이 여러 친구들과 서로 좋은 관계로 함께 배우며 자라게 바른 길로  인도 해 줄 것입니다  


아이들의 건강과 밝은 미래에 대한 소망을 기도 하는 원장이 되겠습니다. 

오랜 시간 저희를 믿고 기다려 주신 학부모님께 감사드립니다.

construction progress

Sep 2016 ~Dec 2017

Provisional Use Permit

January~April 2018

Building Construction Permit

April 2018~

Starting Demolition

May ~ June 2018 (Expected)

Building Improvement Construction

June 2018 (Expected)


July 2018 (Expected)

School Starting

what we offer

Christian Education

As a Christian school, one of the objectives for our students is to build and strengthen their relationship with Christ. 

Chapel worship is held every week on Fridays. Singing worship songs and reading/telling of stories from the Bible is a significant part of the Chapel experience. 

We do not have Bible study in our curriculum, but we teach biblical meaning of holidays in class while introducing some cultural activities.

Staff & Curriculum

  The staff at KEEUM Christian Academy is made up of experienced early-childhood educators who are full of love and dedication to children.  They have deep understanding of developmental stages in early childhood through their personal experiences of teaching and/or rearing their own child(ren).

   At KEEUM, we understand that your child’s education and care is a priority and that choosing the right program is a big decision. Our early education programs meet the needs of children at every age and stage.  Children can become fluently bilingual if the right study methods are applied in their early childhood. Since most of our students are raised in bicultural environments, they have the advantage of learning both languages. We help children develop their mother tongue and then they are gently introduced to English. Our programs help students equip with the necessary tools and skills they need to ensure their success in kindergarten.  We strive to ensure that by the end of the programs, our students are prepared and ready to not only enter, but excel, in kindergarten.

Snacks & Meals

At KEEUM, we strive on putting our children first. For this reason we have chosen to go organic. Your child will be served a variety of seasonal organic fruits throughout each week. KEEUM provides snacks three times daily.(9:30am,2:30pm,4:40pm)

 Morning snack items are organic bananas, seasonal fruits, warm bread and organic milk. Afternoon snack  items are organic fruits, crackers, cereals. Organic milk is provided for traffic snack.
Freshly made steamed rice is provided for lunch which will be eaten with  side dishes brought from children's home.

about us

Hee Sung Kim / Executive Director

  • Executive Director, Cornerstone Preschool, Palo Alto CA / 7 years
  • Chef Culinary Instructor, Preschool Lead Teacher, Kindergarten Teacher, Art Teacher, Creme de la Creme, Houston TX / 5 years
  • Curriculum Specialist, Preschool Teacher, New Christian Academy, Palisades NJ / 4 ½ years
  • Teacher, EWHA Kindergarten, Seoul Korea / 1 year
  • Catholic Saint Maria Preschool, Seoul Korea / 1 year

EWHA Womans University, Seoul Korea - Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Arts

Hong Ik University, Seoul Korea - Art History Course

Yoon Sung Kim / Administrative Director

  • Administrative Director, Cornerstone Preschool, Palo Alto CA / 6 years
  • Designer, Samsung Technovalley Team, Seoul Korea / 3 years
  • Designer, Digital Media Corp., Seoul Korea / 2 years

EWHA Womans University, Seoul Korea - Visual Communication Design, Bachelor of Arts

Rhode Island School of Design Summer Intensive Course, RI

DESIGN LAP of Samsung, Seoul Korea

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KEEUM Christian Academy

2478 W El Camino Real, Mountain View, California 94040, United States

(650) 646-1341